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Succeeds in any reasonably good soil, preferring a good fertile well-drained loamy soil. Succeeds on dry gravels and on sandy soils. The trees have deep spreading roots and are very drought resistant once established. This species requires mild winters if it is to succeed. Trees prefer hotter summers and more sunlight than are normally experienced in Britain, they often do not fully ripen their wood when growing in this country and they are then very subject to die-back in winter. A hardier form, from seed collected in the Caucasus, is in cultivation in Britain. The fruit and the seed are sometimes sold in local markets in the Balkans. This plant is said to be the lotus fruit of the ancients. It is mentioned in the story of Odysseus returning from Troy and the story relates that if a person should eat the fruit they will never leave that area. Coppices well. A good shade tree. Trees can be very long-lived, perhaps to 1000 years. Plants in this genus are notably resistant to honey fungus.

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